HS110G: Light weight and durable

2020-12-14 11:00 作者:Erik Coleman 21


The HS110G from Holy Stone came with a nice zipper carrying case with all the accessories needed, including 2 batteries and extra props. Startup was the same as the other drones, you have to pair the remote, calibrate the gyro, then register GPS signal. The initialization of this drone is probably the fastest I've seen yet, I was able to take off within 2 minutes of popping in the battery cartridge.

With GPS locked in, the drone will maintain its location within roughly a square meter area, no matter the wind directions. I can't even deal with drones that don't have GPS anymore, it is a must-have feature. The camera mounted underneath is removable, but no adjustable positioning, the camera only points straight forward, but is wide-angle enough to catch almost any view.

After a mix-up and a collision with a garden fence, the drone seemed to struggle maintaining balance during the next flight. I was concerned but then did a recalibration of the gyro and it performed much better, so it's important to remember to recalibrate during any hard landing or crash.

Return to home seemed to behave differently, as most other drones rise up high to avoid obstacles, then navigate to home position, then drop down. This one maintained its current altitude, then slowly navigated and lowered to the starting point. This one has a unique button that can do an emergency power kill mid-flight. I didn't try it, but supposedly it will shut down the props and the unit just free-falls, perhaps a good safety-net with some of the reports of GPS flaking out in similar drone models and losing control of the drone.

All in all this was a fun drone to play with and a good starter drone for the beginner!