HS110G: Easy to fly and well made. Will make a great gift.

2020-11-30 18:14 作者:Country Boy 8

Just like Holy Stone to deliver on another great drone for the cost.

The HS110G has a great function GPS.

For under $130.00 you can have your cake and eat it too.

Out of the box, I found two batteries and the transmitter to charge which took a total of 6 hours, which was nice because it gave me a chance to “READ THE MANUAL”.


The manual was an easy read as everything is straightforward, just follow the steps and you will be flying in no time.

Pairing the drone to transmitter EASY

Calibrating the Compass EASY

Calibrating the Gyro EASY

Soon as the GPS has searched you can start flying. (Turn GPS off if flying inside)

The features you can have fun with is pretty standard: unlock the motor then click on the Auto take off / landing button and fly.

The cool features are the follow me and locked follow me modes, so cool. headless mode very nice.

The return to home feature is amazing, I was a little skeptical at first to try it, when I did the drone came back right to me.


After you download the APP onto your phone you can save pictures and videos so easy, then send them or upload them to wherever you want them to go.

This drone comes with a novel feature “sound recording” off of your phone so very nice little gem to include.

On the APP there is beginner mode that you can start with then unlocking that to go to the extremes in fun. 

Since this is a GPS drone on the APP you can see how high and how far you are at any time.

110G-Country boy2.png


Check your flight history to see the data after a few flights and then to keep updated.

Tap fly is an interesting feature that you can control on the APP to have the drone fly a certain path laid out by you.


Three types of “return to home” smart, low battery and failsafe.

Smart brings the drone home to the starting point.

Low battery will return drone if the battery gets low.

Failsafe will start drone to return until signal is found then auto rebind so you can have control again.


This is a very fine well thought out cheap GPS drone.

The only thing I can con about is the batteries take 2-1/2 hours each to charge, and the transmitter takes 1 hour to charge.

After that I have nothing to complain about, but that is the privilege to owning a good drone.


My Opinion: the HS110G has got to be one of the best low cost GPS drones on the market that has ease of use on the remote, easy to read and understand manual, just a fun drone to fly. So just buy it and get it out of your system of wanting to own one to owning one.


The photos are before and after a good snow and good quality 1080p HD.

I'm not going to show you pictures of the drone or remote you can see that already, but, a great carrying case is included and extra landing gear and propellers with screws and screwdriver, two batteries and charging cable with USB. well thought out manual, drone and transmitter, and battery info card.


The distance I went was 890 feet out so far and about 400 feet up. very cool.

Easy beginner drone and for the more advanced user.

The drone is a little lightweight but adding the battery brings that up and you still don't need to register this drone.

This is now my favorite GPS drone that I own.

I have purchased from Holy Stone before and they never let me down. any questions and I just fire off an email to them and get a prompt reply with answer. so cool.