HS720E: Great, Stable Flyer -- Seriously Upgraded Camera!

2020-11-21 15:49 作者:Michael 17

What is there to say, other than wow?

This a seriously impressive drone. I've flown many Holy Stones drones and this one is by far the best.


The HS720E is a large, sturdy drone, with a battery pack that provides over 20 minutes of flying time. Like other Holy Stone drones, the 720e has GPS and compass features, which provide for a very stable flying experience. This is important because the camera has been significantly upgraded. The combination of the upgraded camera with a stable flight allows the user to take some incredible videos and photos! I included a sample photo and video -- the video, in particular, looks great.


Other unique flying features include a tripod mode, which means that the drone flies very slowly, allowing the user to create smooth videos.


The app is called “Ophelia GO” and is configured for 4K photography. One thing to keep in mind: unless you have a memory card for the drone, the photos and videos will not save to the phone in 4K resolution (the attached photo and video were standard WiFi downloads; not a memory card download). If you want to film in higher resolutions, be sure to order a memory card with the drone.


I've been following Holy Stone's drones for over a year now, and it’s exciting to see the progression of their product line. With its upgraded camera, smooth flying, fun features, and reasonable price, you can’t go wrong with the 720e (and, it's beginner-friendly! ).